Satira Capriccio Creations begins with me. Capricious and whimsical, yet aware of the inequity and imbalance in life, Satira Capriccio reflects my desire. Life is not about challenges, but how we face those challenges. With a grimace and a heavy heart, or a grin and a tweek of fate. Our perceptions limit us, or they empower us. A gypsy soul, or a soul in chains. Reform begins with us. Within us.

My name is Keryl Miglioretto. A Teller of Tales. A Weaver of Words. A Creator of Images. A Sculptor, not just of words, but of wood and stone. A Writer, an Artist, and a Web Designer. Satira Capriccio Creations presents a glimpse into who I am, and what I do.

Fires of Creativity

Burning within each of us are Fires of Creativity. Touch the fires, and your soul fills with joy. Whether it be dance or song; words or images; the nurturing of others or of nature. Of Wood and Stone presents sensual, organic forms in wood and stone. Of Light and Shadows presents drawings using the chiarascuro technique of light and shadows. Seascapes and More presents an Exploration of the Oregon Coast and beyond.

An Odyssey in Pen and Ink

A Journey by Poetry traces an odyssey within and without. Not only a seeking within of who I am, but a seeking of a place to be. After 40 years, I left the place of my birth, my family, and all that was home. So many times I stumbled along this journey. Other times, soared high among the stars. The poetry presented here chronicles my struggles between isolation and intimacy, independence and companionship.

Tales of Dust and Dragons. Once upon a time ... So the storyteller begins. Weaving tales of magic, spells, enchantments. Of illusions and delusions. That which is, and that which is not. But perhaps ... should be. Tales of journeys to other lands. Places that exist only in dreams. Where the impossible is possible and there are no boundaries ... except in your mind.

The Art of Change

The Power of Stones. In ancient times, we created myths to explain the unknown. Superstitions and fears formed the basis of our beliefs and can still be found at the root of our religions. Extremely vulnerable, our very survival was threatened, both as individuals and as a species. We searched for talismans to ward off evil and attributed magical cures and healing powers to our talismans. Crystals and stones ... beautiful and unique works of nature, and perhaps more ...

Sigh Kick Phenomenon. For so long I drifted, seeking I knew not what. Answers to questions I was unable to ask. Stumbling along a darkened path, thinking the answers I sought were held by others. Yet what I seek is not held by others, but within me. The books listed here such areas as developing psychic abilities and trust in your inner voice, crystals and crystal healing, reiki, astrology, tarot, and tarot decks.